Implements of Husbandry

Implements of Husbandry (IoH)

January 12, 2015

New Implements of Husbandry (IoH) and Agricultural Commercial Vehicles (Ag CMV) Permit

Wisconsin Act 377 was published in April of 2014 and is a compromise which is intended to give operators of Implements of Husbandry (IOHs) more flexibility to operate on highways as to weight, length, and width, while retaining a balance for local officials to protect their highways and highway users from the risks of ever increasing weights, lengths, and widths of IOHs. This new act has many aspects and some important points for both IOH operators and local officials to understand. It is hoped by all interested stakeholders that the next few months can be a learning period for all parties.

The new provisions under Act 377, in general, provide that all IOHs and Ag CMVs will have an additional 15% per axle and 15% gross vehicle weights as established by a new IOH/Ag CMV Maximum Weight Table. The new weight table is based upon the “federal bridge law” and requires for total gross weight increases that there be adequate axles and axle spacing. The 15% per axle increase is from 20,000 lbs. per axle to 23,000 lbs. per axle. The maximum gross vehicle weight is from 80,000 lbs gross weight to 92,000 lbs gross weight if the vehicle has at least five axles and the spread from the foremost axle to the rearmost axle is at least 51 feet. (Be aware that a lot of tractor and manure tankers do not meet the 51 foot distance requirement and thus will not get to 92,000 lbs.)

On November 11, 2014, the Town of Lincoln adopted an ordinance stating that Category B IoHs must also comply with the Table of Statutory Weight Limits.

Beginning on January 15, 2015 a no-fee permit will be required to exceed the axle limitations or gross vehicle weights as established in this new act. This permit can be obtained from the Town Chairman.

Please be aware that under the new Act 377 all IOHs and Ag CMVs still are required to abide by special or seasonal postings of weight limits.

Please see the following links for more information, or contact the Town Board with any questions.

WTA magazine article on the New IOH (Implements of Husbandry) Law Overview Wisconsin DOT website with more information regarding Wis Act 377