Frequently Asked Questions

You can call the town hall and leave your name and phone number on the answering machine. The machine is checked 2 times a day and we will get back to you. More information can be found on the Municipal Building Rental page.

Burning permit are issued by Chief Assistant chief or safety officer.

Our town meeting is held on the seconded Tuesday of each month, we have an annual meeting every seconded Tuesday of April.

Our town hall is located in the center of the township, 10905 Falcon Rd.

Elections for town of Lincoln residents are always done at the municipal building.

You can contact the Clerk to register to vote before the elections, or you are allowed to register at the polling place.

Anyone can contact the town clerk and ask for an absentee ballot for any election, there is an application that needs to be filled out before you can vote, call the clerk for details.

We have a town chairman and 4 town supervisors, you may contact them at anytime, there numbers are located on the Town officials page.

We have a volunteer fire department and volunteer EMS. They are on call at all times and are properly trained to help you professionally and quickly. For further information please see the fire department tab or call the fire chief.

Call 911 for the volunteer dept. to respond.

Yes, recycling is done every four weeks, you will receive a calendar at the beginning of the year, and you can contact the clerk or chairman for a recycling bin if you need one. IF you do not receive a calendar please call your clerk.

View more details on our Recycling Page.

At the beginning of each town meeting there is an opportunity to address the town board.

Before starting any building project, please contact our zoning administrator to inquire about any needed permits. Failure to complete the proper forms may result in a fine.

Our town treasurer sends out a notice with your tax bill informing you when they will be at the Town hall. Any other questions call our treasurer.